Rise of the Rune Nerds

Session 5 - The Glassworks

There's a fan somewhere that smells quite bad

The session started with the PCs looking for Ameiko,  who was nowhere to be found.  They were met by one of the Rusty Dragons Starr who explained that Ameiko hadn't been seen and that her bed hadn't been slept in either.  Be than a explained that she had found a note screwed up on the floor and handed this to the PCs,  it said that Ameiko's brother Tsuto had requested her to come to the Glassworks at midnight. 

When the PCs rocked up to the Glassworks they found the place locked down,  and after securing entry discovered that the staff were dead and some hungry hungry goblins were making a mess.  The team used [cough] skill to take out 7 of the 8 goblins and the final one took a bolt to the shoulder as it legged it out the room. 

The PCs did a quick search of the upper levels to no avail,  the goblin had retreated to the basement.  As the team ventured down the stairs,  Jalapeño pushed forward into the passageway and notices something to his left,  a light glinting off an arrow pointing directly at his heart from the bow of Tsuto's. 

Goblins killed : 7




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