Rise of the Rune Nerds

Session 2

Sandpoint, Swallowtail Festival

Upon seeing the merry band of goblins, the group decided to take up "tactical" positions. Bar dove behind the barrels, presumably filled with some form of alcohol, while the rest of the group flanked from the left hand side of the street. After a couple of bombs thrown, arrows shot and channeling the darkside of the force the goblins were slain. They then looted the corpses like a pack of wild rats on shit………….no offense Jalepeno. They continued north where they came across a cowering villager whose dog was in battle with a disgusting rabid creature that resembled a dog. Turns out it was a rabid rat, possibly one of Jalapenos ex's looking for child maintenance?, with a goblin commander on its back. Just behind him stood three more goblins that stood in front of the main gate. Unfortunately the dog died in this battle, we truly don't deserve these glorious animals :( . Anyway, we must carry on, wipe those tears!! Real men don't cry! 
This pain was transformed to anger and directed towards the goblins.



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