Rise of the Rune Nerds

Code 187 MDK

Murder in Sandpoint at eh Lumbermill, PCs asked to investigate, however what they discover causes loads of discussion.

Rise of the Runelords - Burnt Offerings - Last session

the team discovered the hidden section, found an ancient message and Karn went three rounds with a Greater Brahgast!

The one where Bert saved the day

Attacked by Shadows

Saved by Bert

Found all the loot, including a giant helmet, but what lurked within?

Bar and Karn fell to the Giant Hermet Crab but Vaclav set it a blaze.

dispatched the loop to sandpoint and cracked the Golden Puzzle. 

Deeper and Deeper we go...

disabled the trap

Epic battle with Nualia, Bruthamus and a yeth hound

enterted the room with the shadows

The cat and the Gecko

PCs decided not to pursuit Bruthamus, locked up Lyrie and went back upstairs and killed Ripnugget, the Gecko riding goblin.

It's all going down in Thistletop

Bar escaped without becoming a father

Bruthamus and the girls turned up, Karn falls to Bruthamus' Heavy Flail

Orik lends a hand

Thistletop Fortress - Part 2

After freeing the horse and discovering the secret treasure, the PC's descended into the lower levels of Thistletop, where they found art, notes and tentacles.  The session ended where Bar was grappled and being dragged to his doom.

Thistletop Fortress - Part 1

the PC's made it over the bridge and are ready to enter the Fortress, however, it's locked down tight.

Assault on Thistletop - Part 2

The PCs clear out the remaining Bramble maze (maybe) and get to the bridge to Thistletop Island.

Jalapeno nearly takes a fall, but manages to hold on.

Assault on Thistletop - Part 1

the intrepid adventurers get to Thistletop and discover a maze of thorns and brambles, and goblins.

Jalapenio takes out 7 or 8 with a single attack (some scroll or other)


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