Rise of the Rune Nerds

Further into the Catacombs of Wrath
Will Jalapeño make this acrobatics check this time?

During the session,  the PCs delved further into the Catacombs.

Jalapeño worked out that the Runewell needed some blood and the PCs were able to completely drain the energy from the well. 


Session 7 - Decent into the Catacombs
Mmm, Vaclav hits the spot.





Session Stats

Critical Hits : Bar, Jalapeño and Vaclav.

Enemies dispatched :    

Jalapeño      1
Vaclav         2
Karn         1

Vaclav's throwing mishaps : 2

PCs set of fire by Vaclav's Bombs : 1 – Jalapeño

Jalapeño hides again? : 4

Best cheerleading skills : Bertram


Session 6 - Tsuto's Surprise Attack
Tsuto shooto jalapeño!

We picked up this week where jalapeño was in the line of sight of Tsuto's bow,  and the hit reduced our Rat folk Rogue down to half hit points. Goblin No5 appeared and three more goblins also joined the fun as Vaclav stood between jalapeño and  Tsuto. 

Karn attempted to get Tsuto to drop his trousers,  but his command word roll was shockingly poor (citation needed). The team quickly dispatched the goblins and concentrated on Tsuto,  who used his speed and acrobatics to attempt escape. 

Vaclav attempted to wrestle Tsuto to the ground and Bar shot a bullet through his leg, bringing Tsuto to his knees. Tsuto decided that he had met his match and surrenders. 

Searching the area the PCs discovered Ameiko and a Halfling Cleric called Bert. Bert agreed to join the PCs as a healer and follow the on their quest.  They also discovered some pages from Tsuto's Journal,  which were discussed in great detail over a pint at the Rusty Dragon.

Goblins dispatched : 4

Tsuto handed over to the town guard. 

Bombs used. : 2

Command words: 0/3

Best quote from the session : oh fuck! (Dahorseboy) 



Session 5 - The Glassworks
There's a fan somewhere that smells quite bad

The session started with the PCs looking for Ameiko,  who was nowhere to be found.  They were met by one of the Rusty Dragons Starr who explained that Ameiko hadn't been seen and that her bed hadn't been slept in either.  Be than a explained that she had found a note screwed up on the floor and handed this to the PCs,  it said that Ameiko's brother Tsuto had requested her to come to the Glassworks at midnight. 

When the PCs rocked up to the Glassworks they found the place locked down,  and after securing entry discovered that the staff were dead and some hungry hungry goblins were making a mess.  The team used [cough] skill to take out 7 of the 8 goblins and the final one took a bolt to the shoulder as it legged it out the room. 

The PCs did a quick search of the upper levels to no avail,  the goblin had retreated to the basement.  As the team ventured down the stairs,  Jalapeño pushed forward into the passageway and notices something to his left,  a light glinting off an arrow pointing directly at his heart from the bow of Tsuto's. 

Goblins killed : 7


Session 4

looking for Ameko

Goblin hunt in the house

Feast with Aldern

Session 3 - Attack on the Gate
Sandpoint, Swallowtail Festival

Session 3

Dire reports from the Cemetery

Going on a Boar Feast with Family entertainment

Session 2
Sandpoint, Swallowtail Festival

Upon seeing the merry band of goblins, the group decided to take up "tactical" positions. Bar dove behind the barrels, presumably filled with some form of alcohol, while the rest of the group flanked from the left hand side of the street. After a couple of bombs thrown, arrows shot and channeling the darkside of the force the goblins were slain. They then looted the corpses like a pack of wild rats on shit………….no offense Jalepeno. They continued north where they came across a cowering villager whose dog was in battle with a disgusting rabid creature that resembled a dog. Turns out it was a rabid rat, possibly one of Jalapenos ex's looking for child maintenance?, with a goblin commander on its back. Just behind him stood three more goblins that stood in front of the main gate. Unfortunately the dog died in this battle, we truly don't deserve these glorious animals :( . Anyway, we must carry on, wipe those tears!! Real men don't cry! 
This pain was transformed to anger and directed towards the goblins.

Session 1 - 2 Hour Party People
Sandpoint, Swallowtail Festival.


Taranis; Human Storm Druid 1

Bar Marak; Dwarf Gunslinger 1

Karn; Dwarf Inquisitor 1

Vaclav; Dhampir Alchemist 1

Jalapeno; Ratfolk Rogue 1


"Greetings Travelers, Welcome to the town of Sandpoint.

Sandpoint, safely nestled in a cove on the edge of the Varisian Gulf, is bustling with activity. Although it is officially the first day of Autumn, the salty sea breeze seems to have kept the temperature to a a comfortable level, hovering delicately between "Warm" and "Cool". The trees of the surrounding forest have yet to turn, and their verdant greens serve to accent the the blues of the sky and ocean wonderfully. The wind, still redolent of blooming flowers and ocean scents, seems to flow through the town lazily, slowly perfuming the entire town in its fragrant aroma. Birds chirp, insects buzz, and squirrels chatter; nature itself seems to be in a celebratory mood this day. The sun, shining brightly in the nearly-cloudless sky, marks the time as being quite close to noon, which indicates the Swallowtail Festival is about to kick off in earnest."

The group were individually plucked from the crowd and assigned to a tug-of-war team. They were useless as most of them were pretty weak. The people of Sandpoint joshed good naturedly, but perhaps some would resent the public humilition. In any case, they were left alone to lick their wounds, socialise, drink and eat some of Ameiko's famous curry-spiced salmon. All was well.

And then the Goblins showed up and started torching the place. Little twats.  The group may have been bested in some dumb muscle competition, but they felt a common cause and were alarmingly heavily armed considering they were at a fun street party. The Goblins were prancing about, singing daft songs, eating chicken and setting fire to dogs. No good, so the group had to shoot them.

Karn, the lawman of Abadar did well, capping one of the little monsters with his crossbow. Jalapeno did what he had to do and hid under a table before shooting a fool in the head. If the people of Sandpoint weren't terrified enough, the rest of the group made sure of it when Taranis the Druid ran around with a scythe of all things and Bar Marak the mercenary pulled out his gun and started blasting away, even when one enemy hit him with his rusty knife. Not to be outdone, the bad Doctor Vaclav adjusted his plague mask, opened his coat, then casually began tossing firebombs around the place, indifferent to property or teammates.

The Goblins died of course.

The threat wasn't over. Father Zantus encouraged them to hunt down other Goblin rioters and the group cheerfully agreed. They ran up the road to find four more, one of them a Bard, singing another fucking silly song…

Body count: 3 Goblins

Loot: none

Notes: First session teething. All okay.



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