Karn Silver

A headstrong Inquisitor of Abador with a love of money and things of value.


Level 2

AC 18

Str 14 Dex 14 Con 14 Int 11 Wisdom 17 Cha 8


  • Light Crossbow
  • Battle Axe
  • Chainmail


Rapid reload (light crossbow)


Karn born of humble beginnings turned had a very limited knowledge of money an how it was to be used. Often seeing his parents trading and bartering for supplies within the home giving great value to the gold pieces his farther earned down in the mines. This lust turned to greed and with every nameday he realised the power it could sway and the change it could have in everyday life.

A friend, Dill Firefoot, a little bit on the way side of honest persuaded Karn into a few unsavoury acts but the piled and bags of coins soon had Karn wanting more. this happened til Karn reached the age of 37, where simply put a job went sour… fast. He was appended and was sentenced by the Council of Abador for his sinful actions. Locked away for a number of years he made his peace and talked with a Cleric of Abador from within his cell.

Gallius Xeoon, a more zealous follower of the system managed to bargain for a parole for Karn if he joined the ranks of the harsher Inquisitorial force of Abador. This is where his training began, his greed for the finer things allowing him to excel in finding the sweetest parts of a corrupt town, city or organisation, all based on what he would do in their situation.

Karn Silver

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