Jalapeno Bargains Galore

A polite and efficient Ratfolk.


Class, level: Unchained Rogue 1

Race: Ratfolk

Alignment: Neutral

Deity: Shei

Home: Absolom

Age: 14

Relevant stuff: Not much yet, he’s level 1


Jalapeno Bargains Galore

He’s called that because Ratfolk come from large, confusing families and they need an easy and catchy name among the rabble of siblings. His mother happened to be eating a bowl of chili just before she gave birth. They don’t really have or need surnames. Some are named after their community, clan or caravan. Jalapeno’s caravan is called Bargains Galore Trading Ltd.

His family is indeed large and fecund, but happy. Many of them are here in Sandpoint, running market stalls for the festival, for Jalapeno’s clan are a caravan of traders, travelling up and down from Cheliax to the Storval Plain and all through Varisia. Though born and raised in Absolom, Jalapeno doesn’t have a solid home, he’s been in the caravan for much of his life, trading and travelling and occasionally getting into trouble. He’s seen cities and mountains and all manner of things, learning about markets and people and the good and the bad. Life’s rich tapestry and all that, but at heart he’s a city mouse and the uncaring metropolis beats bucolic simplicity any day. Or perhaps that’s his youthful pretension to sophistication talking.

Jalapeno has observed with fascination and adolescently wondered about his place in the world, whether influence was possible or even beneficial. His people live short, communal lives, a calm society and all, but, but… what about him? His musings about his youth and individualism and his community led him to a quiet but profound reverence for his deity, Shei.

Even if he was not to be an interesting individual, there would be no harm in experimenting. He’s tried a bit of magic here and there, selling and making alchemical items. He dabbles. He’s dabbled enough to realise that there is more in the world than just buying and selling and ducking and diving, he might have to explore his mind. Some Ratfolk do. They have to wander off and do something else. He has a great uncle who is an Alchemist in Taldor apparently. Still sends letters. Maybe Sandpoint would be a nice place to explore.

Today is the Swallowtail Festival and a couple of his siblings are manning the stall (Tomato and Cornbread). They seem to be selling the trinkets well enough and Jalapeno is bored and wants to check out the people. All the funny big human people. Big, clumsy, dumb, smelly human people. Most of them are nice enough, probably. Even if they aren’t it doesn’t matter, Jalapeno has got himself tooled up and ready to face them, whatever…

Jalapeno Bargains Galore

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